Christopher Voehl

for Congress (8th District)

I'm retired Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Voehl and with your support we can earn the Democratic nomination to serve Massachusetts' 8th District in Congress. I was commissioned as an officer in the Air Force after graduating from Vanderbilt. Like my Dad who served in Vietnam, I became a fighter pilot and deployed six times including command of the drones near Iraq. My current job is an airline pilot flying jumbo jets. My wife was born and raised in Randolph and went to Tufts and Michigan St. to become a Veterinarian.  We were married in 2003 in Seekonk and have one daughter. Like you, we are trying to balance life, work, and fun. 

My message is peace and prosperity. Please join us. Elections are you voice. I am listening.

As a moderate Democrat from Milton with many Independent ideas:  

I want more peaceful times. Diplomacy first! 

--I will fight for your safety and the security of our environment, economy, and nation.

I am committed to clean air, clean water, and open space. My campaign logo is a big, blue Earth. 

--I am a pro-choice Catholic who supports Roe vs. Wade because it gives women freedom.

--I believe in the 2nd Amendment and your right of reasonable self-defense.

--I will sponsor and vote to ban assault weapons while building safe rooms in schools.

--Justice needs reform. Users need treatment instead of jail. Dealers need hard time.

--I am a Union member who supports public Unions serving the people (Police, Fire, Nurses, & Teachers).

--Trade Union bosses have too much influence on our politics and your paycheck. You get less so they get more.

--Part time workers with two jobs need full time benefits.

--Women should not work for 82%. Equal pay for equal work.

--We need a $15/hour livable wage. It must pay more than welfare for healthy adults.

--The internet needs to be neutral and available.

Children should get what they need to succeed in life.

Graduates need help with college loans.

Please see the "issues" tab for more details.

Your vote can replace stagnant ideas with innovation and creativity. You finally get a choice--a real choice.

Credible Caring

Christopher Voehl for Congress