Fighter Pilot--Commander--Union Member for Massachusetts

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Blue Skies & Healthy Lives

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Health Care

Pre-existing conditions and doctors for kids are non-negotiable to the American voter. It is also time to start discussing a reasonable maternity/paternity leave program which helps families bond.
The real fix to healthcare starts with finding wasted money before cutting services.
My "Top 5" fixes to healthcare=
#1: Insurance, Medicare & Medicaid Fraud
#2: Fake Lawsuits
#3: Medical Liability Laws
#4: Black Market Opium Pills 
#5: Drug Price Gouging (EpiPens, HIV, Cancer, etc)
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Economy & College Debt

I want local people to get local jobs created in a strong business environment.
Massachusetts needs global trade, banking and investments in small business to create and keep jobs.
An example is our fishing boats. They need to quickly sell fish from the pier to Asia/Europe. When foreign ports slow down due to trade disputes, then local families get hurt.
I want tourists to spend money in our hotels and restaurants from the South Shore to the North End. Our universities need students and our hospitals need patients from every part of the globe.
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Public Schools

We need our public schools! They deserve the same freedom to teach as charter schools.
All teachers need a chance to connect with young minds.  The best choices for books and tests will always come from our parents and teachers instead of Washington, D.C.
It is time to rethink high-stakes testing of our children because kids shine in a lot of different ways including art and music.
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National Defense

National Defense is about saving every child's future.
North Korea will soon have a working nuclear missile. We can shoot back, but our military cannot stop theirs from hitting Americans. Every sports fan knows all offense and no defense is a losing game plan. We need advanced Navy ships defending New England and America so we can live without fear. 
I would change the law so the President and the Vice-President together have control of our nuclear launch codes. One person, regardless of political party, should not have absolute authority.
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