Environmental Security

I am committed to clean air, clean water, and open space. My campaign logo is a big, blue Earth.

Clean energy must work with industry to be successful. Traditional energy sources like oil are part of our economy, but they need to have pipelines which avoid environmentaly pristine/critical areas (e.g. Protect Weymouth and move Keystone). We need to enable profitable ventures in windfarms, secure nuclear generators, geothermal heat, plastic waste, and wave energy.

Companies should be able to make a profit and create jobs with a clean environment.

Environmental SecurityText...

Economic Security

Your paycheck should stay in your wallet! My economic plan includes a safety net, but not a gift basket.

Our district needs quality jobs with equal pay for equal work so both women and men can support their families. Women should never work for 18% less money . To get there, I support a competitive business environment, balanced trade, liability reform, net-neutrality, and smart investments in our district.

I support a $15/hour livable wage because working people deserve a fair paycheck.

With me, work will always pay more than welfare for healthy adults. I will use the savings to pay for children's programs.

National Security


War votes do not make you safer.  I am tired of wars.

Rep Lynch voted YES for war in Iraq and NO on leaving Afghanistan. 

Our kids deserve their prom instead of boot camp.

You pay for the most expensive military in the world. You should live without fear.

I will buy missile defense systems for our cities instead of voting for overseas wars.  Our nuclear codes need to be under the control of two people. The President should not have absolute authority.


Affordable Healthcare

America needs affordable essential healthcare. It must include pre-existing conditions, CHIP, and children to age 26 on your policy.

I care more about patients than politics! 

Our healthcare needs Congress to partner with Apple, Amazon, Harvard, CVS, and others alongside health providers to improve care and control costs. Your options will grow when networks join teams partnered with education. Medicare and Medicaid solvency will improve when Congress negotiates medicine in bulk, regulates costs, limits medical liability, and helps promote healthy living.

We need to take very good care of our doctors/nurses/assistants while keeping VA providers separate for our injured troops.

I do not support "Medicare for All" because 150 Million+ people will see work policies and choice of doctor vanish overnight.

It is a working class tax taken directly from your paycheck. Rep Lynch sponsored it for years (HR 676).

My Dad died at age 68 from a stroke and my Mom had open-heart surgery. Healthcare is personal to everyone.


I support our K-12 public school system and our teachers. Washington should send money so teachers get a fair paycheck instead of sending advice on how to teach our kids.

It is time to stop high-stakes testing because kids shine in many ways.

I trust our teachers. My father-in-law taught in the Randolph public schools for decades. 

Kids cannot study or learn if they are afraid. We need safe rooms in classrooms. 



Seniors earned their Golden Years.

Cutting benefits for seniors is like forgetting a promise.

I intend to protect seniors by fighting Medicare and Social Security fraud. I will also push to buy medications on the open market from places like Canada to save money. We need to integrate business, insurance, and Seniors into a healthy tommorrow.


Logan Airport Noise


The FAA needs to listen to communities about noise levels.

As an airline pilot, I fly to many airports in Europe with far better noise procedures than Logan. Communities need a voice in the process and airlines need to use quiet equipment and procedures.

It is time to expand the airports outside of Boston. Many major cities use low-cost airports for overflow.

I bring decades of experience to this problem.


College Debt

Far too many graduates are drowning in debt from paying for school.

I want small business employer tax credits in exchange for helping with loan payments. 

Public Safety

No one has the right to an assault weapon. Everyone has the right to self-defense.

I have not and will not accept NRA money, but I do support the 2nd Amendment and people who follow our laws.

 I believe in our Constitution and the amendments.

 I will vote against assault weapons and high capacity magazines. They only belong with law enforcement. 

Schools need funding now for safe rooms!



I will treat everyone in our district equally and I support my friends in the LGBTQ community. My experience as a military commander is vital to people who simply want to serve their country, but are prevented by the DoD. The LGBTQ flag flies on my website and will fly in my office.

Every person deserves respect. Kindness is important.